About Our Company

Wall Gallery is a Perth-based business which has evolved over the past 30 years in the Perth building industry, through years of hands-on practical work in all aspects of trowel on architectural wall coatings and renders.

Our extensive knowledge of product and recourses in the field of wall coatings and decorative finishes will simply ensure you are aware of the available products and the most efficient procedure so your project big or small can be a success first time around.

Ongoing maintenance and incorrect material choice can be avoided and will ensure significant savings for years to come.

30 years in the industry has given us the opportunity to address all kinds of projects from small residential to the management of works and materials on large commercial sites.

We are working directly with our suppliers and a niche group of skilled trades who pride themselves on being clean and efficient with attention to detail, satisfying most requirements of renovators, owner builders, builders and architects/designers who require a creative and practical solution for their wall surfaces inside and out.

100% Customer Satisfaction


Over 750 Satisfied Clients