Wall Repairs and Maintenance

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Wall Repairs and Maintenance

We all have walls surrounded by us and from time to time they get knocked, chipped and crack, we also see moisture problems arise and cause blistering, bubbling, and flaking these all can be repaired and investigated to eliminate the problem from returning.

Our exterior harsh sun and rain, season after season abused our walls so it’s very important to keep up the maintenance as failure to do so means that once the cracks appear the elements break down the coatings at a rapid rate,

Internal cornice crack is common even in new homes, most times this is cased from the settlement of the structure, and more severe cracks would lean towards more of a structural fault or something more sinister and should be of concern. Whatever your dilemma is we are here to help.

Maintenance for your walls internal or external cracking, damage wall, dummy renders bubbling texture and moisture damage.