Top Coat Painting Services
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Top Coat Painting Services

Topcoats provide ultimate protection for masonry and acrylic texture substrates, delivering barrier coat protection against the damaging ingress of moisture, carbon dioxide and chloride ion contaminants.

Top coating elevates texture system performance and extends system life cycle it Provides resistance to atmospheric pollution and protection from ultraviolet radiation, moisture ingress and salt penetration or as a standalone crack bridging coating for façade protection.

Topcoats systems are also the general requirements to achieve a full warranted system specified by the product standards over acrylic texture coatings


  • Variable Finish options
  • Pastel, ultra-deep and ultra-bright bases
  • Weatherproofing


  • Exterior durability
  • Attractive low profile texture
  • Multi-use product, Texture through to Nap roller profile
  •  Wide colour range, tintable for fast project turn-around

All top coat services provided to ensure the ultimate protection and registered warranties where applicable.